Our elements course usually lasts 12 personal training sessions. Even if you have been regularly training the likelihood is that there will be a few items in the list below that you haven’t done in a while, which is why the vast majority of new members need to complete the Elements programme unless they have been regularly CrossFitting at another box.


Back Squat, Front Squat, OHS, Lunge Variations, Deadlift variations, Clean variations (hang, power, full), Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk etc


Pull up, dip, ring variations, Hand stand variations, Burpee, Toes to bar/knee to elbow, kipping progressions, double unders etc

CrossFit-specific movements

Wall Ball, KBS, Box Jump, Thruster, Turkish get up, DB/KB Clean and Snatch etc. 

Monostructural Exercises 

Rowing, running, cycling etc. 

CrossFit / Training Nomenclature and Understanding

Reps, sets, tempo, rest, for time, 21-15-9, AMRAP, on a clock, for reps etc. 

I know these things might not mean much to you right now but within our sessions we want you to be comfortable to know all the right progressions and regressions to help you advance in your fitness goals. We prioritise our coach for life philosophy as well as safety and proper movement. Long term athlete development is the key to success and although it’s a big barrier of entry, we want to ensure longevity in people’s fitness endeavours. Once you enter our group classes you’ll still have your coach to help mentor you and answer any direct 1:1 questions. We put a big emphasis for proper movement and giving you knowledge to improve your mobility to make sure you’re constantly keeping on top of any issues.