Jamie studied Sport and Exercise Sciences BSc at the University of Birmingham, UK. He moved to Hong Kong in 2012 and worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union. Jamie believes that individualised programming and correct exercise prescription are essential for people to improve physical competency and achieve peak performance. His understanding comes from working with professional athletes as well as general population clients and applying principles learned from Poliquin Level 1&2 and UKSCA Level 2 Seminars.

After a year working with the HKRFU, Jamie transition into working in the private health and fitness sector with Coastal Fitness Performance Training HK. Jamie is interested in the concept of group training and CrossFit coaching. He is currently completing his OPEX Level 1 and believes there is a place for classic strength and conditioning principles within mixed modal design. As the sport of CrossFit evolves, the need for better programming and coaching increases, and Jamie is passionate about helping people reach their goals.

Education is very important to Jamie, both educating himself and others, and he is constantly trying to upgrade his understanding of all aspects of health, fitness, and performance. He has worked with many specialists in their respective fields such as Chad Vaughn, Dave Durante, Kirksman Teo (Lifthard), Beau Burgener, and James Fitzgerald. He enjoys applying and experimenting with new ideas.

On a personal level, Jamie loves competing in both team and individual sports particularly rugby and tennis. More recently he has taken up CrossFit and was part of the CrossFit CSTL Regional Team which competed in the Asia Regional (Seoul, 2014) and Pacific Regional (Wollongong, 2015). He works closely with his coach, Max El-Hag, to improve as an athlete and work towards his genetic potential. Jamie understands the importance of enjoying the journey of self discovery.

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